Our Services

Professional. Reliable. Innovative. With our extensive range of services within our areas of expertise, we are able to successfully realise even the most demanding projects. As a customer, you benefit from our many years of experience and our in-depth understanding of the specific requirements and challenges in our industry.

In the interests of the client, we perform the acceptance process for all construction services of the companies and trades involved. We also coordinate and manage plant commissioning processes.


AEP Planung und Beratung reviews contractor invoices and checks them to ensure they have been created in accordance with the contract, takes care of claim management and creates and updates the cost and payment plans.


Our team of experienced experts prepares a detailed execution plan.

Our expertise and many years of experience allow us to take all structural, electrical, plant and control engineering requirements into account in the AEP detailed plan.

On behalf of our customers, we draw up product- and manufacturer-independent specifications that take all construction, electrical, plant engineering and control technology requirements into account.

All tenders issued by AEP Planung und Beratung are naturally issued in compliance with the relevant tendering procedures, including the monitoring of deadlines in the tendering process. We support our clients with an in-depth review of the tender including evaluation and a price comparison. We actively participate in and contribute to tender discussions and support our clients in the decision-making process by drafting a tender proposal. We also draft the final letter and rejection letter while taking the standstill period into account.

The Construction Work Coordination Act (BauKG) has been in force since 1 July 1999. The planning coordinator must be appointed at the beginning of the planning phase, and the construction site coordinator must be appointed no later than when the contract is awarded. We support the client in all matters relating to these appointments. We also draw up the health and safety plan and coordinate the work at the construction site. We naturally provide all documents for subsequent construction work. This makes it easier to modify a project at a later date.


As a publicly appointed construction supervisor, we supervise ecological and water law construction projects in accordance with our authorisations and professional qualifications. We also act as a landfill supervisory body.


We take great care to determine the project fundamentals through preliminary surveys and inspections. These initial steps form the basis of our consulting activities. Take advantage of our experience to get an overview or assessment before the project actually starts. It's best to make an appointment right away. Clarify the situation directly with our experts.


Comprehensive preliminary analysis and consulting and support during sewer rehabilitation projects by our certified sewer rehabilitation consultant.


Our experts create operating documents with maintenance specifications for all parts of the system.

Drinking water supply systems:

Preparation of operating and maintenance manuals in accordance with ÖVGW W85, safety plan in accordance with guideline ÖVGW W88 of the Austrian Gas and Water Association. The requirements for these manuals are regulated in the Drinking Water Ordinance BGBl. II No. 304/2001 as amended, and also in ÖNorm B2539 for all drinking water supply companies. We have specialised software available for collecting, updating and maintaining the manuals for your system (authorities in the federal states of Austria are increasingly pushing for the implementation of these standards).

Building Information Modeling (BIM) describes an innovative methodology that offers a wide range of benefits to clients and other project participants in all project phases. In addition to visualisation, better cost control and information-based planning, there are many other potential applications of the methodology.

Our BIM-certified employees will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to BIM. We would also be happy to help you introduce BIM at your company.

We support our customers with continuous documentation in case guarantee and warranty tracking is necessary as well as in the handling of defects. We compile all documentation, execution plans and as-built data.


Design planning is an important step in the creation of preliminary projects.

They serve as a fundamental basis for all decision-makers, for example the client or public authorities.


Our clients rely on the expertise of AEP Planung und Beratung in the project-specific evaluation of state, federal and KPC funding opportunities as well as special subsidies.

We prepare all funding applications, ensure correct proof of funding documentation and provide notification and funding-related approval documents. You can rely on AEP's subsidy processing.


Based on the project design studies, the design planning and the surveying data, we prepare the submission plan for submission to the public authorities.

We provide our clients with support when clarifying and executing the approval process. We accompany and represent the client in all official procedures.

You can rely on our many years of experience in calculating and estimating the cost of planning, processing and construction.

Our aim - together with the client - is to obtain the most objective overview possible of the expected costs and thus provide the client with the highest level of security possible in this very sensitive area.

Through landscape conservation planning and compensatory measure concepts that not only take into account local ecological aspects but also holistic resource conservation concerns, we make it easier for projects to be approved and increase acceptance in society.


From the line cadastre to the digital line information system (LIS)

The term "digital line cadastre", which was frequently used in the past, refers to a set of data for the technical infrastructure of a water supply network or a sewerage system. It primarily contains information such as the location, depth, slope and possibly also the type of pipe and pipe material in digital form. Basically, the line cadastre is just a digital map. However, this data alone does not adequately reflect the properties of the networks. In particular, a line cadastre is of little use for maintenance work and provides no information on the structural condition or hydraulics of the pipes. The line cadastre eventually evolved into the digital line information system (LIS). A LIS contains much more information (attributes) than the geodata, such as:

  • Structural condition, condition classification, age, assessments, maintenance data or even indications of problem areas in the network.
  • The LIS is a suitable maintenance and control instrument for future technical and business management decisions and forms the basis for future expansion and rehabilitation projects that are eligible for funding.

In this area of expertise, too, we focus on protecting the interests of our client.

For this reason, we take care of overall management of the execution from a technical and commercial perspective. We monitor and check the technical execution in accordance with the rules of good engineering practice and in compliance with notifications from public authorities and the statutory regulations. We are happy to help our client by taking over the task of local construction supervision.

We are happy to take responsibility and guide your project through all phases, from planning to closeout.

Let our capable hands take care of managing your project. We take care of the coordination and communication with all parties involved in the project such as public authorities, experts, special planners and all contractors and trades. We naturally always keep an eye on the quality of the work and the deadlines.

An investment in a carefully prepared AEP project study is an essential factor for success in the long term.

Project studies offer the opportunity to obtain a holistic view and an objective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, they also serve to clarify if the project will be approved. In many cases, project studies provide interesting new points of view and a different perspective on a project. Our team of experts from various fields will examine your project idea from different points of view and provide a comprehensive perspective. The cost of a project study is usually amortised in the planning phase and also provides greater certainty right from the start of the project.

Benefit from sustainable process quality and significant added value. Resource + Process Management offers a preliminary potential analysis with clear benefits for every type of project, regardless of whether the project is for municipal infrastructure, urban development, energy supply, transport infrastructure, ski resort, etc.


Depending on the size of the project, approval processes may require extensive preliminary assessments such as traffic, environmental impact, emission and immission assessments. We provide you with guidance and advice based on our experience and expertise in advance of and during the environmental impact assessment.

We take care of the necessary project management and marketing tasks and produce the following together with our partners:

  • EIA assessment applications | assessment planning
  • EIS (Environmental Impact Statements)

We also provide assistance during the EIA process.

When surveying, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as laser scanning data and GPS surveying as well as orthophotos, of course.

We also work together with highly capable surveying offices.