Cultural Engineering + Water Management, Municipal Infrastructure

Water is a vital resource that is of crucial importance not only for humans, but also for ecosystems. We develop engineering solutions for the design, planning and realisation of sustainable drinking water infrastructures as well as the environmentally friendly and efficient removal, disposal and treatment of surface water and wastewater.

This results in structures that are prepared for global change and thus ensure a secure and resource-friendly supply and utilisation and ensure the protection of valuable raw materials. We also develop comprehensive solutions for transport links and road construction development for new residential areas as well as for regional, municipal and interregional road networks.

Our focus:

  • Drinking water production, storage, treatment and distribution
  • Surface and wastewater disposal, retention and treatment
  • Hydraulic engineering systems, small hydroelectric power plants and drinking water power plants
  • Pipeline information systems infrastructure
  • Operating and maintenance manuals
  • Sewer condition assessment and sewer rehabilitation planning
  • Municipal and interregional road construction
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) infrastructure