Alpine Technology + Snow-Making Systems, Alpine Infrastructure

The Alpine Technology + Snow-Making Systems and Alpine Infrastructure department deals with the economic and ecological development of infrastructures in the Alpine region. This includes the modernisation and expansion of ski resorts and year-round resorts with cable car and lift facilities, ski trail and slope construction, and snow-making facilities including reservoir construction and monitoring as well as all the necessary infrastructure installations.

The department also specialises in the expansion of hydroelectric power plants, structures to protect against natural hazards, flood protection, and the supply of power at low and medium voltage levels. We work closely with our Resources + Process Management department on an interdisciplinary basis to incorporate and take into account all natural history, animal ecology and zoological issues. In addition to the classic service phases, the detailed planning and commissioning of the electrical equipment is also carried out in-house.

Our focus:

  • Ski resort planning including ski slopes, ski trails and all summer and winter tourist facilities
  • Infrastructure planning for cable car and lift systems including terminal electrical systems
  • Snow-making systems incl. detailed electromechanical planning
  • Hydroelectric power plants incl. catchment, fish ladder, penstock construction and power house
  • Storage facilities (lake reservoirs, dam reservoirs, compensation reservoirs) for snow-making systems and hydroelectric power plants
  • Responsibility for dams and reservoirs
  • Structures to protect against natural hazards and floods
  • Low-voltage and medium-voltage distribution grids
  • PV systems